For those of you who bought the Jack & Jill pattern before May 12, 2011, we have a horrible typo.  With all the people who proof-read it's sort of amazing how this even happened, but we're only human and we're sorry!
 -The middle square of the mil-wheel blocks should read: Cut 1:  2 5/8" squares.  Not 4 5/8" squares.  This is found on page five of your pattern, in the Mil-wheel cutting guide, subtitled "colored fabric"

In a printing of "Wheels" - some of the images/templates were printed larger than intended and do not fit on the given block size.  Please email us for correctly sized pictures, we are so sorry.

Also, the printed diagrams list "10" on a few blocks instead of "10.5".  The written directions and cutting guide are correct.