Thursday, June 13, 2013

Squeal Quilt Variation/Share

Isn't this beautiful?! We love the different colored backgrounds and the jewel tones.  We love seeing what things you create with our patterns- and we love it when you make it your own!

Beautiful job! Thanks for sharing!  We love getting emails with pictures of your quilts- it's our favorite!

The pattern can be purchased here, and pictures of our sample/the original are found here.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Santa's Reindeer

And just when I thought summer was here to stay--
meags and me Santas Reindeer Holiday Quilt Pattern

- a Christmas quilt.

I'm not complaining at all.  This was so fantastically fun to make (even in May  (May!?!)) and we've been wanting to pull this off since forever.

We stuck with the original 8 and created them, in what we think, is their natural element.  Isn't Dasher so dashing?
meags and me Santas Reindeer Christmas Quilt Pattern Dasher

Seriously, these reindeer were probably the most fun to draw and make (even if we were blasting Christmas music with the blinds shut.  I'm so obsessive dedicated and the sunshine usually wins)

Needless to say, I can't wait for Christmas just so I can giggle at this every time I walk by my couch.  (It's the perfect Holiday movie blanket -ever-)

And our flying geese are 3 dimensional and awesome looking PLUS they're super easy (do-it-in-your-sleep-easy) and jelly roll friendly!

The fabric we used here is stunning.  {Winter's Lane by Kate and Birdie Co. for Moda Fabric }

Pattern is here, with totally enough time to finish by Christmas :)