Monday, January 21, 2013

Woodland Creatures Quilt Pattern

We've been wanting to do a cathedral window style quilt for a while.... just couldn't get it quite right.....

And in the middle of night (that's when the best inspiration hits, don't you think?) I thought woodland creatures would be fantastic in a quilt.  And drew the cutest little animals.

Luckily, the other half of meags & me (the me) is brilliant enough to merge two great ideas into one.

And I have to say, I love love this little quilt.  Makes me want another baby just so I can decorate a nursery around a quilt again.

Deep in the Woods
meags and me: Deep in the Woods Quilt Pattern

Just for fun, we used wool felt to applique this little creatures.  So cute!  (Though, it'd be just as cute in regular/cotton fabric, too.)

The fox, one of my favs.  This orangish red wool is the perfect color:
meags and me: Deep into the Woods Quilt Pattern.  Fox.
And the raccoon!
meags and me: Deep in the Woods Quilt Pattern.  Raccoon.

So adorable.  Pattern includes seven (7!!) different woodland creatures plus mushrooms and is found here.

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