Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Toddler Skirt {With Pockets!} Tutorial

This may be the easiest project ever. And probably won't even take you the full hour.  

meags and me: toddler skirt with pockets tutorial

My little gal loves these little skirts.  Every time we head into a fabric store (which is often!) she pulls pink fabric off the shelf and nearly drags it to the cutting table "mom's making me a new pink skirt!" she says.  I have a hard time saying no to that! 

So I decided to spice it up a little bit, and add some cute little pockets.  Super easy, and so so worth it.

First, you'll need:

*1/2 yard of fabric (or two fat quarters)
*Scraps (or a fat quarter) for pockets
*3/4" elastic (in the length of waist.  My very average-sized three year old is 15")
*Coordinating thread

1. Line up selvage edges, and cut in half.  (And trim the selvage edges). This makes 2 fat quarters or two 18" x 22" panels.
2. Cut 4 pockets from the provided template.
3. Right sides together, place straight edge of pocket 5" down from the top of skirt panel.

meags and me: toddler skirt with pockets tutorial
4. Sew 1/4" seam along straight edge of pocket.  Repeat on both the left and right sides for each skirt panel.
5. Carefully press pocket out.  With right sides together, line up both skirt panels.  Pockets should line up.  Pin carefully and sew 1/4" down sides of skirts and around the pockets (don't sew through them!)

meags and me: toddler skirt with pockets tutorial

6. From the right side, pockets should look like this:

meags and me: toddler skirt with pockets tutorial

7. Now make the elastic casing: Fold and press top of skirt to the wrong side 1/2" down and then again another 1".  
meags and me: toddler skirt with pockets tutorial

meags and me: toddler skirt with pockets tutorial

8. Sew 1/8" (or edgestitch) the folded edge, leaving about 2" to thread the elastic through.
9. With a safety pin, thread the elastic through the casing and out to the opening.  Overlap the elastic ends by about 1/2" and sew the two ends together.

meags and me: toddler skirt with pockets tutorial

10. Sew the elastic casing shut.
11. Fold up the bottom of the skirt about 1/2" and press.  Sew 1/4" to hem.
12. Fold up skirt to desired length and hem by hand.

Done!  So easy.  And since I couldn't get my daughter to smile like a normal person, here's a bunch of random faces to convince you this is the cutest skirt ever.  After making 50 in vibrant, hard to match colors, I had to do a matches-everything version because she has recently refused to wear any and all pants.  It's a good thing tights exist.

meags and me: toddler skirt with pockets tutorial

meags and me: toddler skirt with pockets tutorial

meags and me: toddler skirt with pockets tutorial

meags and me: toddler skirt with pockets tutorial

meags and me: toddler skirt with pockets tutorial

And for your convenience: an easy, printable, instruction sheet + pocket template.

Toddler Skirt Tutorial

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Everything Blue Blog Hop!

We are total suckers for monochromatic fabric lines.

Add dashes of red? Yes please!

The best thing about this blog hop, is that all the different blocks will be sewn into a beautiful quilt and donated to a local charity! What a wonderful idea! AND you can join too! Read the details here and create away!

So our little creation are these cute guys. And we love it so much, we've been inspired to create an entire quilt.  We love new projects, and we're so excited to show you more- so stay tuned!

I love seeing other designers perspective, definitely follow this blog tour- it's pretty great.  We love Clothworks! 

As an extra thank you, we're offering 20% off all patterns at our etsy shop. Just enter CLOTHWORKSFRIENDS at checkout! (Ends 9/18/13)

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tomorrow May Rain....

I love the beatles.

And I love embroidery, so this seemed like a natural fit.
meags and me Tomorrow May Rain, So I'll Follow the Sun Embroidery Pattern

Our favorite trick? Using these to frame.  You can get them in any standard frame size, and they're the best way to make sure your pictures lay flat and don't go anywhere in the frame.

And this pattern? Is beyond darling framed.

Pattern found here, immediate download too.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Squeal Quilt Variation/Share

Isn't this beautiful?! We love the different colored backgrounds and the jewel tones.  We love seeing what things you create with our patterns- and we love it when you make it your own!

Beautiful job! Thanks for sharing!  We love getting emails with pictures of your quilts- it's our favorite!

The pattern can be purchased here, and pictures of our sample/the original are found here.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Santa's Reindeer

And just when I thought summer was here to stay--
meags and me Santas Reindeer Holiday Quilt Pattern

- a Christmas quilt.

I'm not complaining at all.  This was so fantastically fun to make (even in May  (May!?!)) and we've been wanting to pull this off since forever.

We stuck with the original 8 and created them, in what we think, is their natural element.  Isn't Dasher so dashing?
meags and me Santas Reindeer Christmas Quilt Pattern Dasher

Seriously, these reindeer were probably the most fun to draw and make (even if we were blasting Christmas music with the blinds shut.  I'm so obsessive dedicated and the sunshine usually wins)

Needless to say, I can't wait for Christmas just so I can giggle at this every time I walk by my couch.  (It's the perfect Holiday movie blanket -ever-)

And our flying geese are 3 dimensional and awesome looking PLUS they're super easy (do-it-in-your-sleep-easy) and jelly roll friendly!

The fabric we used here is stunning.  {Winter's Lane by Kate and Birdie Co. for Moda Fabric }

Pattern is here, with totally enough time to finish by Christmas :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Let's Go Fly a Kite

New Pattern!
meags and me Lets Go Fly a Kite Quilt Pattern

We adore this fabric.  It's so soft and beautiful, and reminds us of cool, breezy summer days- kite flying days.

These kites are really simple appliqué.  If you're just starting to catch the appliqué bug, it's perfect for the beginner- with large pieces and straight lines.  And the rest is simple piecing! And bonus, it works up pretty quickly
meags and me Lets Go Fly a Kite Quilt Pattern
The fabric is Glimma by Lotta Jansdotter for Windham Fabrics.  And the pattern can be purchased here.

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Pocket Full of Posies

meags and me Pocket Full of Posies Pattern with Happy Go Lucky Fabric

This is one of those patterns we had in our "idea" folder for quite a long time.  It progressed from one idea to another but was constantly pushed back by other projects.  And this center picture has been drawn for years.

And suddenly, we came across this darling line of fabric, and magic hit! Sometimes, it just happens that way.

Though, I really adore this line.  And I adore the designers (Thimbleblossoms and Cottonway) and have been blog stalking them since 2006 or something like that.


The piecing here, is quite easy.  And is a small stack of fat quarters, which is the most fun thing to buy, really.

And these girls! I'm so glad they found their way over to this quilt.  We love it.

meags and me Pocket Full of Posies Pattern with Happy Go Lucky Fabric

Pattern is quite adorable and found here

Friday, May 10, 2013

Canvas Tote Bag Makeover/Tutorial

These are easy, I promise.  All you need is a canvas tote (found at your local craft store), a favorite design, 1/2 yard of fabric, embroidery floss and/or scraps for applique and heat 'n bond (appliqué only).

meags and me Canvas Tote Bag Makeover Tutorial

First, you want to pick a design to go on the outside.  These birds are found in Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Issue 7.  For this tutorial, I'm going to use one of the 12 Dancing Princesses from on of my favorite patterns (ever).  And it was hard to choose just one, but I went with the jumping princess.

Since you can't see through these bags to trace the images, we like to use Sonja Callaghan's tip. Basically, it's just tracing your image on Glad Press 'n Seal, and embroidering over the top of it, then removing the paper at the end.  We don't usually embroider this way, but it is definitely worth it when you can't see through your fabric!
meags and me Canvas Tote Bag Makeover Tutorial
Before removing the Press 'n Seal

Since we're not taking apart our tote bags, embroidering or appliquéing is all done by hand.  It can get a little tricky, especially when you're working towards the bottom, but totally do-able. For the appliqué, we found using a fusible-method (with Soft Fuse or Heat 'n Bond) and hand stitching a button-hole stitch around each shape was the easiest.  Really, any hand appliqué method would work.

Next: Cut your lining fabric: 14" x 35".  For the lining, we simply measured our bag (taking note of seam allowances) and doubled the length + 4".
meags and me Canvas Tote Bag Makeover Tutorial

Iron wrong sides together (making a 14" x 17.5" shape), creasing the fold. Then fold one side over leaving 1.5" overlapping the other side (or the width of the bottom of the bag) and crease again.  Flip bag over and line up edges and crease on the other side.

meags and me Canvas Tote Bag Makeover Tutorial

These photos illustrate what it should look like after creasing.

meags and me Canvas Tote Bag Makeover Tutorial

meags and me Canvas Tote Bag Makeover Tutorial

Sew 1/4" on both the left and right sides.  The inside should look just like this.  And just like your tote bag. 

meags and me Canvas Tote Bag Makeover Tutorial

Next, fold down the unfinished edge 2" and crease.

meags and me Canvas Tote Bag Makeover Tutorial

Place the lining inside your tote bag.  Line up the creased edge right at (or even a little under) the lip of the tote bag.  Line up seams, and pin like crazy.  
meags and me Canvas Tote Bag Makeover Tutorial

Sew as close to the (previous) hem as possible without sewing *on* it.  The dotted line shows the tote bag hem/lip.  I'm not sure what seam allowance this is.  1/8"? Just make sure it's straight :)  The other option here is hand stitch an invisible/blind stitch to sew the lining to the bag.

meags and me Canvas Tote Bag Makeover Tutorial

And that's it! Pretty easy.  I'm thinking this will make a perfect dance bag when my daughter starts ballet this fall.

meags and me Canvas Tote Bag Makeover Tutorial

meags and me Canvas Tote Bag Makeover Tutorial

Monday, May 6, 2013


First of all- thank you all so much for your comments.  We absolutely loved reading them, and hope you'll stay around!

A few people asked about a tutorial for the tote bag- I'm working on it as we speak! Check back here later this week and we'll show you all our tote bag tricks :)

Winner of the Quiltmaker Magazine is Comment #71 Cindi W.! Thanks Cindi! This is a great issue!

And winners of the PDF copies are:
#19- The Stylish Home
#270- Dee
#159- Anonymous (Thanks for leaving your email)

Thanks again.  We had so much fun and hope you did too!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Blog Tour

**Giveaway Closed**

We are SO excited to be a part of this amazing magazine (and blog tour!) again.  We were ecstatic to receive the magazines in the mail and find our block was featured on page 4!  The details of the block are really great.

meags and me Quiltmaker 100blocks Bird Applique and Embroidery Block

We've been loving birds lately.  The simple shape of their bodies are really quite easy to applique and who doesn't love embroidery details!? So fun! Our block is called Birds of a Feather no. 604, and is found on page 23.

Truth be told, I have a little bit of an obsession for tote bags.  I love taking them to the library, to hold half the children's section when my kids go.  I love taking them to church, on a picnic, to the zoo. So when I decided to save a little cash, and make my own, I went straight to our block.

meags and me Quiltmaker 100blocks Tote Bag

You have no idea how happy I am about this.  We bought a pack of plain canvas totes and went to town!  A little applique, some favorite scraps, the remainder of brown floss in my stash (confession: our embroidery floss stash is just as insane impressive as our fabric stash) and ta-da! A one-of-a-kind, made-by-you bag, perfecting for toting all of life.

Not stopping at one, we took just part of our block and made a little pocket for the front. 

meags and me Quiltmaker 100 blocks Tote Bag with Pocket

meags and me Quiltmaker 100 blocks Use a Canvas Tote Bag

The possibilities are practically endless.  And we even lined them!  These make great gifts!

meags and me Quiltmaker 100 blocks Tote Bag Lined

Madeline here, says, "Since I am modeling these for you, can I have one? I need a new babysitting bag."  

meags and me Quiltmaker 100 blocks Canvas Tote Bags

Babysitting bag.  This girl is a genius.  We said yes.  She couldn't decide!

So! If you like us, follow us!  We like facebook, pinterest, bloglovin, google+, and just started getting into instagram.  If you'd like our blog posts to go directly to your email, the "follow by email" option is to the left.  We do lots of applique/embroidery quilts and patterns and have loads of fun!

***For a chance to win your very own copy of Quiltmaker's 100 block magazine, OR one of three PDF copies of any one of our patterns-  leave us a nice comment, we love reading them.  (A mean comment will still get you entered, we just won't like you as much.)***

Please make sure your email address can be found on your blogger profile, or just leave it at the end of your comment.  We want to be able to get in touch with you if you win!

The giveaway will end Sunday at midnight and we'll post the winners here Monday morning!  

Check out Quilty Pleasures, the Quiltmaker blog, for more great blogs and more awesome prizes.  The blog tour goes through May 3rd!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Blossoms Pattern+Fabric Giveaway

meags and me Blossoms Quilt pattern and Clothworks Fabric #Giveaway

Another awesome giveaway from Clothworks! Head over to the Clothworks blog to see how you can win this beautiful quilt kit. All supplies included!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Blossoms Quilt Pattern

A new pattern!

meags and me Blossoms Quilt Pattern

This quilt is easy.  It's perfect for beginners- no templates involved what.so.ever.  Just you and your rotary cutter, your trusty machine, and you are good to go! We whipped this beauty up in no time, and loved every minute of it :)  This is the perfect project if you're looking for something fresh and quick.  Plus, it comes in 4 sizes! (Wouldn't this be gorgeous as a bed spread?)

The fabric is Flowering Around by Laura Jones and Lynnette Sandbloom of Beach Garden Quilts and Studio for Clothworks.

I love the aqua and red tones- so beautiful for summer! 

Pattern is found here.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks Volume 7

We're so excited to be featured in Quiltmaker's 100 Block magazine again! I *love* the block we created, and I can't wait to show it to you!

The blog tour is only a few weeks away! It starts April 29 and goes through May 3.  There are prizes given away each day, and new blogs to follow.  It should be a lot of fun!

Also, I'm sure you've heard by now that Google Reader is going away this summer.  If you follow us through Google Friend Connect, we don't want to lose you!  (Edit: GFC will still exist, it's just the reader that is going away.  Thanks to Sowing Stitches for catching that) Follow us with an email subscription (to the left), Facebook, or blog lovin - which is an excellent choice if you are looking for a new reader.

Visit the Quilty Pleasures blog April 29-May 3 to see more block designs.  There are prizes given away, and new blogs to follow! And don't forget to check back here April 30th to see our block!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sneak Peak!

We've been working with the Flowering Around line (by Laura Jones and Lynnette Sandbloom of Beach Garden Quilts and Studio for Clothworks) and it is gorgeous!

I love the blue and red tones in this fabric.  Perfect for the warm weather months!

The quilt is coming together quite nicely.  I can't wait for it to be finished- it's going to be lovely.

Friday, March 22, 2013

*Free* Easter Dish Towels/Tea Towels Applique and Stitchery Pattern

I always put a little Easter basket together for my mother.  "Always" meaning every year for the last 15 years.  Which means new ideas are hard to come up with, but she loves cute dish towels, so I thought I'd make a couple up for the bottom of her basket.  But, I'm not going to lie, I seriously debated leaving them hanging over my oven.  She would have never known.

meags and me free tea towel Easter applique and embroidery pattern
Cute right?

But anyway, these are pretty simple.  They only took a couple hours to finish both.  I used some light heat-n-bond and button-holed stitched around the whole thing.  Hand-stitched, even, but that was only because I am a TV junkie. 

As far as the embroidery- everything is backstitched, except the petals and leaves on the chick picture (lazy-daisies) and the eyes (french knots).

meags and me free tea towel Easter applique and embroidery pattern

And they were the perfect addition to her basket! Happy (early) Easter!

meags and me free tea towel Easter applique and embroidery pattern