Monday, May 7, 2012

Winners! And a sneak peak because I can't help it.

Thank you all for your nice comments! We thoroughly enjoyed reading through all of them and truly do appreciate all your kind words.  And thanks to all our new followers, we hope we can continue to inspire you :)

And no, we don't think we have bad hair.....most days.  I need a hair cut and my mother admittedly wakes up with "bird hair".  It's pretty awesome, but she'd kill me if I posted a picture.

And! Without further ado! 

Winner of the magazine is:
Sandi T! Who said:

You have made the cutest pillow using the Lazy Daisies. That pillow sure would look cute on a girl's bed. Heck, it would even look good on my bed. I follow your blog and look forward to many more good times with you. I bet that everyone wants that pillow patten now. Thank you for giving all of us a chance to win such an awesome magazine.

Winner of PDF Patterns: 

Mary! Who said:

I think it is really neat that you are a mother-daughter team. I really like your block and especially like the red version. I also took a sneak peek at your new patterns. Little Things is going on my list of things I must make for my new granddaughter. So pretty!

Donna Joy! Who said:

Yeah appliqué and embroidery, I just ohh and ahh so I am now following you, want to see more of your work.

Thanks to all who entered!  Please check your email!

And now, a sneak peak of our first-ever, block-of-the-month! We are SO excited for this, as it is quite possibly the cutest thing ever.   It's a 10 month program, with plenty of appliqué and stitchery and adorable-ness, you'll want to make it 60 times, I'm sure.   Appliqué and stitchery provide wonderful and legitimate excuses to watch your favorite t.v. shows.  So if you need to catch up on Mad Men without feeling guilty- meags & me is here for you.

Cuuuuuuute! It is so fun to work on (believe me.  you will not want to work on anything else).  Block one is almost available, and if you're just as excited as us,  click the new "block of the month" tab. PDF emailed Block One will be sent out June 1 and we will let you know when the hard copy program becomes available.   We'll have pictures of the finished quilt for all to see in about a 6 weeks.

And it's still nameless.   So if you have any great ideas, we'd love to hear them :) Congrats to our winners!  

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