Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Small Glimpse.....

Happy Mother's Day!  And it is beautiful weather here, and my kids have been nearly perfect, and my wonderful husband changed all the diapers, and insisted I didn't lift a finger-- so I have had a great day.  Hope yours was just as good :)

I've had this idea in my head for a long time, but we never could figure out exactly the best way to execute it (without ending up strange or something) and finally we just decided to put it on a pillow and I'm so glad we did! This will be our first pillow pattern, besides the one we sort of gave you with the 100 block tour.  I believe this will be the start of lots more completely amazing pillows- because you can get all the adorable-ness of the appliqué/stitchery combo (or in this case, stitchery and pinwheels) and without the time and energy of a quilt.  These make awesome gifts, and they don't take too long, nor do they take a lot of fabric.  It's also an excellent way to spruce up your beds or couches without too much work. 

So this one, inspired by the old "shoo-fly don't bother me" song:

is ADORABLE! Who knew shoo-flys were bright and cheerful? wonderfully sweet, I think.  

I'm trying to finish this pattern up and move and not pull my hair out, so I've got a busy week. But it's too cute not to share.

Also, we're thrilled Little Things is featured in this month einsider the newsletter from Quilts, inc.  We love this newsletter, and our flattered by the inclusion. 

And again, Happy Mother's Day to all, and especially to my amazing mother and business partner.  She's so talented, so kind, hilarious, and the best grandmother to my children.  It's an honor and blessing to call her 'mom'.  (p.s. thanks for watching my children this weekend, and I am really sorry my daughter climbed on everything and picked apart your flowers.  ahem.  at least she's cute right?)

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