Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Appliqued Easter Bag

As promised, bag #2.  You should also check out our Ruffled Easter Basket and possibly the one we did last year.

This one is fun, because it's so versatile.  I love appliqué because of all the different things you can do! It's not just for quilts (though that's obviously our fav.)

So for this bag you'll need:

*1 Fat Quarter for the outside
*1 Fat Quarter for the lining (we used the same fabric)
*1/2 yd. or so of interfacing (15" x 19.5")
*Scraps for applique
*And something to appliqué.  This is not limited to Easter, either! This bag is generic enough for pretty much anything you want to do.  But since we're talking about Easter, I suggest bunnies, chicks, eggs, etc, etc.  These chicks are taken from our Everywhere a Cluck Cluck (and we printed these a little smaller than 100%, for those with the PDF).  But I'll also suggest Little Bunny Foo Foo (I love him), Little Bo Peeps Lambs, and Flowers from Quite Contrary.  If you're stuck on what do to, these chicks would be so great appliquéd. Or,  I really like Ducks, but Ducks aren't a huge part of Easter, ha ha.

1. First, cut your pieces.  All 3 pieces (outer, lining, and interfacing) need to measure 15" x 19.5" (easy, right?)

2. Iron interfacing to the lining. With right sides together, sew across the top (long side) edge using a 1/4" seam.

3. Turn right sides out, iron, and topstitch along the same edge.  From here on out, treat this as one piece of fabric.

4. Fold in half and mark the center (this mark will represent the front center of your bag.  Appliqe desired graphic on front.  This is all preference, though you'll want to stay in the top third, so the appliqué doesn't get cut off by the bottom.  Aim high.

5.  Using a 1/4" seam and right sides together, sew the 15" sides together. Press seam to one side. 

6. Keeping right sides together, match seam to the center front mark.  Press sides well.  Stitch 1/4" seam along the bottom of the bag.

7.  To make the bottom of the bag, pull apart the corners and finger press to the side.  Align bottom seams with creased sides and press each side. (This is a different bag.)

8.  Measure 2" from the point of the corner and draw a line straight across.  Repeat for other side.

9.  Sew on the line and trim. 

10.  Turn back out and tada! One darling Easter bag.  *Optional: Fold down top of bag and/or attach ribbon as handles.

So cute! Perfect for Easter.

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