Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Clip Art Available

We've decided to branch out a little.

I love drawing my own birthday/greeting cards, and sometimes we'll use them for gift tags or notebooks.  Since I have an obsession with drawing pictures, this helps me feel like I'm being productive.  (ha. Husband says, "the legos all over the living room have been sitting there for a week." I can say, "I've been productive! Look at all these pictures!")

But really, this seems like a win/win. 

So, I've added a few Christmas pictures to our easy shop.  We are adding printed cards with envelopes and gift tags with these images soon, but in the mean time, these clip art images are versatile and should fit all your Christmas and holiday needs.  

Plus they're only $3.50 a piece. And with PDF's you can print as many as you want, in any size you need, on any color of paper.  For you crafters, this is perfect.

So cute.  Watch for more to come.

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