Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Pin Cushion

So, last night I attended a blog party, and decided to try to be less of a crappy blogger.  Which is sort of pathetic and/or ridiculous.  But anyhow, this little project has been sitting in my "to blog about" list for quite sometime.  Perfect.

Actually, when we went to market last spring, I forced enlisted my little sister to watch my two kids promising her I'd get her some sort of "thank you"

Then I forgot.

So when I asked her months later what she wanted, ha, she says "A girls night!"  Which, by all definitions of a "girls night"- some sort of craft is required.

And everyone loves pincushions.  I mean, honestly, this is really cute! And completed in the time it took to watch "The Tourist".  That's the best kind of multitasking I've ever done.

The pins were made using this great tutorial.  And beware, they are addicting to make.

The pincushion was made with a 5" square of linen and a 5" square of fabric.  Picture traced and embroidered on the linen side.  Sew 1/4" seam allowance, right sides together.  Stuff with walnut shells (purchased at your nearest pet store by the lizards).  Stitch shut.  Volia!

And I satin stitched all the circles in mine,  but other girls used french knots, refused to do them, or back stitched.  Endless possibilities.  I should have taken pictures of all of them, they were all so different and darling, but I'm a horrible blogger.

Picture of the dandelions is uploaded here.  This is copyrighted under meags & me.  So don't copy or email- send people to this post instead! Thanks!

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