Saturday, August 6, 2011

(Fabric) Magnetic Alphabet Letters

You know what I'm talking about.  The plastic letters used to mark the presence of a child, adorned on fridges all over everywhere.  Probably missing a bunch of letters.
I'm so glad I know "p" comes after "o" otherwise, I would have looked like an idiot.

Except the ones here are not plastic, obviously.

These make cute gifts for little kids, or grown ups if they're like me, and this little project also doubles as a stash buster for the fabric you're drowning in.  It cannot get any better than this.

For this project you will need: 

*Alphabet Stencils or Cookie Cutters.  The more "bubbly" and large, the better.
*Pellon.  Thick.  One-side fusible.  (with about a 1/3 yd I got the whole alphabet.  This depends on how many letters you'd like, and how big your stencils are.)
*Magnetic Tape
*Fabric Scraps
*Fray Check
1.  Trace your alphabet backwards on the soft (non-fusible) side of the pellon.  I used a thin pigment pen.

2.  Next, cut roughly around the edges, or in little squares, separating the letters.  Unless you want all your letters in the same fabric, then skip this part.
3.  Line up fabric and pellon and trim fabric so that the fabric is slightly larger than the pellon (to protect your iron). 
4. Iron fabric to pellon.  Wrong side of fabric to the rough/glue side of pellon.
5. Cut letter shapes out. 

6.  Use Fray Check around the edges to prevent fraying.

7. Cut magnetic strips to fit each letter, and place on the back of the letters.  These usually stay really well, but hot glue works well as a back up option.

8.  Now you have a nice stack of letters.  Cute!

 9.  Naturally, I spent a good hour playing with these, and I realize I've got to make more vowels and "popular" letters- otherwise, these are the only phrases my midnight brain can come up with:
To passive-aggresively warn the household of hormonal behavior.
Now I can just point to the fridge instead of yelling
"I didn't have another 'I" for Mike! Frank was the first thing I thought of"
See, these are wonderful.  I've just realized I could have said "work hard" but,  "eat worms" came first.  Awesome.

And now, instead of saving these for Child #2's first birthday, I'll just keep them out- they look so freaking cute.  In fact, I might spend all day tomorrow making more.  It's a fun, easy, no-sew project.  


  1. Awesome tutorial! I think I'll give this a shot even though my enemy, the iron, is involved. :)


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