Thursday, June 16, 2011

So, I guess we will be on facebook.

Because everyone is.  And I think it's sort of like relationships- and meags & me had to become "official"

Husband has been begging me to do this since time began, but I declined until just now when he told me I haven't a spine, and my friends are nice (you know, the ones I'm going to bombard "LIKE US!" and then starts the unfolding of obnoxiousness. side note: spell check says obnoxiousness is a word.)

So now I'm bombarding all of you.  LIKE US! TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

done. promise. that's all I ask.

Today was the second day of the "Wasatch Front Shop Hop"  We avoid the crowds at. all. costs.  But cannot refuse to go to quilt shops when we love all them and their owners so much (plus it's like 5 days long. that alone would be impossible to avoid)

So "meags" and "me" plus the grandma and the baby  (who will have approx. 934,523 homemade "designer fabric" dresses in the coming year) venture out for 5 hours or so seeing as much as we can.

That was 4 stores, people.  We cannot fathom going to all of them, and are amazed people can take in 15.

The quilts they designed for shop hop were amazing.  I should have taken pictures, but I fail at blogging and all things social (not a joke. I'm horrible at most relationships and also buying birthday gifts.  Which, as a ramble: "me" has a birthday next month, and she was going on and on about the Sarah Jane Calendar designs. I was going to be that awesome daughter and finally buy someone her something she'll love, but no.  Guess who decided she couldn't live another day without it? yeah, that's right.  So on that note, if anyone has any birthday suggestions, I'll take them.  Also, father's day for the husband.  Ties must be getting reaaaallly old)

 Anyway, for Utah peeps, shop hop is a must this year.  I love books, so it was the perfect theme in my opinion.  Sorry for the lack of pictures.  Well, I did take one...

I guess the awesome aunt/babysitter did a nice job of wearing out child #1.  And the hat and sunglasses are a must for any sort of outing.  Rain or shine.  Appropriate or not.  There aren't very many accessories for boys, so he takes full advantage.

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