Friday, June 10, 2011

Etsy, again.

We made an executive decision to (re)open our etsy shop.  I figure people might like PDF versions. Only one PDF is done though, so don't get too excited.

Also, the picture/link is really big, and I don't know how to change it.  Also, the PDF versions sound easy, but it's proving to be a pain more than anything.

I wish we were "meags & me & a genius" because we need a genius to do this computer stuff.  I'm such a mess.  I just want to draw pictures all day in my messy house because I'm too lazy to clean it.

Husband says, "that's okay.  all creative and talented people are messy" thanks?!

We were up in Bountiful, at Quilter's Haven, and Joni said all quilters were crazy, and there is a chemical in the fabric.  haha.  I think I believe her.

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