Monday, May 16, 2011

To Market, but not for a fat pig.

Though, I drank enough diet coke, and ate enough mints and chocolate to make myself look like a fat pig.

But seriously! We are so so so overwhelmed with the love and kindness shown to our little booth at the spring international quilt market. We were soooooooooooooo glad to be across from Sweet Ruby.  Jenny designs such awesome modern (and big!) quilts.  They are so bright and her booth was sooo cute.  We got tons of advice and had so many questions that she had no qualms answering.   Plus she sent cool people over to meet us, and we love that.

Anyway, so we made the mistake of walking around market friday morning, after everyone was set up, and before we officially opened.  It was sort of discouraging. Seriously.  Is there even room for us in this creative world? Some one scoot over because we SO WANT TO BE HERE! I felt like yelling down the isles "UM HELLLLOOO WE'RE OVER HERE!" because I wasn't sure if we were going to be found in the back.  Corner. but people already think we're crazy. and really nice people did "find" us, and we're happy about that.

So, we're so happy and excited and all of the sudden, Anni Downs (as in THE Anni Downs from Hatched and Patched) comes walking by and my dear mother (I love her, I do), waltzes up and says "oh my gosh! What is your name?" I'm thinking "okay seriously? she's wearing a name tag, and she doesn't even need that for us to totally recognize her!" I just stand there, probably awkwardly, letting my mom gush all over the Anni Downs, because she did enough talking for the both of us. haha.  We were so excited to meet her though! And she's sooo nice.  Mom decided a picture was completely necessary (pictures or it didn't happen and all that but of course mom won't give me the picture.  Something about her not looking good.   as if.) Later in the day, Mom and my grandma ditch our booth to walk over to her booth and buy her book (three times over, one for me! and I almost cried when I saw she actually signed it), which turned into a long stroll because, you know, it's quilt market.  I was left with my grandpa who was so cute, sitting in our (only) chair, offering his opinions about our quilts to everyone who walked by, (then telling me I needed a salesman; apparently he's no different than my husband) and trying to convince me to ditch the lollipops for kid's candy (I should have asked him what he thought a lollipop was....) and play nursery rhymes softly.  haha.  I really love my grandpa, and he made our 8 ft wooden wall crazy booth! And it's adorable!

My grandpa is amazing.  We told him we wanted to take him to a "business lunch" and he wanted burger king.  So at burger king, we told him we "were wondering how hard it would be to make thin, stable, transportable, 8 ft walls.  OH, AND, cosmetic bookshelves, because we only had a half booth to work with" and he is sooo nice and acted like it was no big deal.

My entire family is amazing.  I can't stop thanking people because we could not have pulled this off alone.  I did not understand how much work really goes into all of this.  We were ordering last minute everything and I was extremely glad I live in Utah, because I knew where to go! And as a bonus, I slept in my own bed and saw my kids every night.  Who, didn't really care when I left (that's how cool dad is apparently) my three year old just waved "bye honey!" every morning.  I had to practically beg them for kisses and hugs.  Lame.  But it's easy for me to leave my kids with the man.  He's so great.  I realize some husbands are not like that, so I'm grateful I snagged a good one.  Sometimes when I leave, I find traces of brownies, at times where it's assumed they were eaten for breakfast.  But I think my son had a lot of toast, because he came up to me saying "toes! toes!" I said, "yes!! you do have cute toes!!" he eventually got frustrated:


OH! Friday night, I'm driving along home.  By myself.  With no phone, because we had an awesome way to accept credit cards, it just required my sister's phone, and she swapped phones with me for the weekend.  My mom took that phone because my aunt was coming up Saturday morning so I could stay home with my two babies, because I, at this point, didn't realize how cool they both think their dad is.   Nor did I realize how much parenting my husband can handle (I never give him enough credit).  He can handle a lot, evidently. 

So we smell burning.  And my mom's rolls down her window and smells the air and says "I can't smell anything, you're fine.  It's probably just something on the road" I believed her diagnostics, drop my mom off at her house, keep driving, and hear a clack clack clack clack (which, I hear, is much better than a clunk clunk clunk clunk according to my aunts diagnostics)

I freak out.  Stop.  Realize I should probably park somewhere other than the construction part of the road.  Drive 2 mph for a few feet, and pull into a Lutheran church.  Get out of car.  Try to pull the top lid (?? I'm TERRIBLE) open.  Realize there is some button that pushes this open.  Push every button on the car. Find the button.  Push it.  Try again.  Fingers are black.  By this point a nice (Lutheran perhaps?) man waltzes over and I don't even let him introduce himself, I'm talking so fast that I can't even understand myself:

"I have NO idea! I can't get it open! and even if I could, I don't know anything about cars.  I just was hearing noises. and I have no phone because I had this cool way of taking credit cards.  because I'm doing this trade show.  it's the quilt market.  for quilters.  except there are people that make bags and stuff.  dolls.  yeah.  it's big and we're so new.  really.  I don't know why we're trying.  but I switched phones with my sister.  but I had to leave it with my mom.  because she's going tomorrow without me.  because I have kids.  that I think need me but they really don't.  they are cute though. they're dad is being so nice to them.  I shouldn't be surprised.  oh, what's that?"

At this point, he's opened it, looked at it, and something broke or something.  I'm still not that sure.  but my awesome husband fixed whatever while doing the kid thing, and he could drive it by saturday night.  So, I don't care anymore.

The nice man's diagnostic is that I shouldn't drive it "very far" and I take that to mean never drive it ever again.  because I'm so awesome like that. So I ask him if I can use his phone.

And OF COURSE no one answers.  And by no one I mean my husband and my mother because those are the only numbers I have memorized.  pathetic? maybe.

I leave damsel-in-distress messages on their phones and say to the nice man "I'll just wait.  I'm sure someone will come eventually" just like a princess would, and he says "how far do you have to go?" I say "oh, only like 3 blocks or so.  Less.  Like two blocks.  Oh! I could walk!" he's says "no no, you can drive.  it'll be fine" 

So, nervously, I get back into my car.  I annoy the people behind me and drive 2 mph again.  Because cars are "my thing" and 2 mph makes everything safer.

I get home, and go directly to my neighbors to borrow her phone.  Opening day and this car issue have clearly been too much for little old me.  I knock and in my head I'm relaying how I'm going to answer the inevitable question "why?" when I come to her front door asking to use her phone, of all things, because it's a long, complicated story, and I usually like short concise answers that don't make me look like an idiot.

So I do indeed say, "Can I borrow your phone?"

"sure! why?"
"I'm a quilt designer"

wait. what?! somehow the entire day+car+where is my freaking husband and children (the man decided he wanted an android) monologues are told to her so fast she just asks if I want ice cream.  Actually, I'm pretty sure she said I needed ice cream.

"yes, but I have no car!!!!!!!!" 
but she has a car, so we go to ice cream, and I try to slow down my speech problem.  I talk so fast when I'm nervous or excited or stressed, so you can imagine the horror that comes out of my mouth when I'm all three.

Sorry for the sidetrack, it was a big part of the day, okay.

Saturday, this darling woman is looking at our booth, and taking it all in, and just saying the nicest things, and I start talking to her, and she's uh, from Buggy Barn. I'm freaking out.  Buggy Barn likes us.  Buggy Barn LIKES us!!! I'm still freaking out.  Between that , the Australian shop owner that loved us and offered to move us to Sydney, haha (it's no longer a secret that we wish we were Australian designers, because they are all so cool.  It's a shame you have to live in Australia to be Australian) and Anni Downs signing my book, I'm on cloud nine

On of the best parts though, was our favorite quilt shop owners stopping by and saying hello.  Cathie from Thimbles and Threads stopped by Sunday night, and I was almost in tears just seeing her face.  I was seriously holding back the tears.  I'm such a dork.  She really made us feel confidant about attempting this being so new.  We love her, and we love her store.  We are so grateful for her and a few other shops who directed their "market traffic" to our booth.  We loved hearing people say "meags & me! There they are! We saw your stuff at Pipers!!" It made market for us.  I'm almost crying again.  I seriously need to sleep.

And we just love everyone that loves us.  We were so lucky to have such an awesome reception from quilt shops, distributors, and the like from all over the world.  It is incredible how kind, generous, and genuinely caring fellow quilters can be.  I never expected such wonderful compliments on our patterns, display, quilts, etc.  It energized us (this is why people say you can feel the energy there. Everyone is so nice and excited!)

My mind has been racing ever since, and I can promise some awesome patterns coming soon.

And to the people who blog stalk us, we love you too.  Thanks for stopping by and saying hi :)


  1. Meagan - I loved experiencing market through your eyes! This was my first market too and I could not get over our amazing local talent (you and your Mom included) Enjoy the journey and keep laughing at the pot holes and speed bumps you encounter along the way!

    My hubby has also become "Mr. Mom" this past year. I can't thank him enough for all he is doing to make my life easier while I live out my dream. My grandmother used to say behind every successful man is a good woman.... I'm thinking it the opposite is equally true.

  2. Meagan,
    I just loved your Market story. I can relate to all of it. The fears, the panic, the indecision, asking family and friends for favors you would never ask for, the thrill, the joy, and most of all the fun of Quilt Market for the first time is amazing. YOu are a doll and I hope you go far in this business. Congrats on no longer being a rookie!


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