Saturday, March 19, 2011

Life. Serious.

We've decided to get 3 patterns out, in the span of a week.
So, it's 10 pm.  I've been sitting here for the past 12 hours with a humongous diet coke, a small diet coke, and an entire box of hostess cookies all totally consumed by me.  My dear husband took on babysitting for the day, and I love that he's so incredibly supportive. 
We've got a beautiful quilt coming out.  And there is a good 20 different floss colors we used.  I've got the list here, and the colors my mother used to describe them.  Things like "light green.  green.  dark green.  forest green.  brownish dark greenish.  medium khaki green" Actually, the medium khaki green is how DMC themselves describe the color.  Still.  I'm not sure if I should be laughing or crying. 
I could be really obnoxiously specific and say things like "left bottom leaf stem medium khaki green"
*Sigh*  But I won't.  Here's hoping the stitching guide turns out coherent.

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