Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Love

Last year, Madeline's class had a valentine box contest, and she was pretty upset when she lost and spent a good part of the year brainstorming box ideas and came up with this beast:

Adorable, and super simple, and sadly there was no contest this year, but we're sure she would have won anyway.

To make the valentine eater, all you need is paper, googly eyes (or just make big round eyes out of cardstock), some sort of base (we cut up a cereal box), and then a big cereal box (or a shoe box would also work)

(And I'm pretty terrible at tutorials, so there aren't any pictures, but we're confidant you can figure it out anyway)

1. Cover your base with paper. 10 " x 10" worked out nice for us, and we took some cute scrapbook paper of the same size and rubber cemented it on.

2. Cover your box like you're wrapping a gift. If you're using cardstock, you'll have to be more creative. Gluing same size paper to the box would also work. Just get the dang thing covered.

3. Find a small bowl, or plate, or anything round that would work for the mouth. Trace it. And cut out the hole with an exacto knife.

4. At this point, if you just used tape to get your paper to the box, gluing around the inside of the mouth part for extra support would be a great idea.

5. Decorate. We took a bunch of non-measured triangles and taped them on the inside for teeth. Glued big googly eyes for the eyes, and the hair was just a piece of paper with some random triangles cut out. But there are endless possibilities for your monster.

6. Make shoes. We cut two ovals out of cardstock. Glue "shoes" on base first, then glue your monster to the base.

So cute, so easy, and so much fun for kids to do too! And matching valentines are a must.

PDF files should be at the end, if I did it right. There are little holes for your lollipops. Easy.

And for my little guy, I found this awesome tutorial here. Anna from noodle-head is a genius! He LOVES it. And can carry around his choo-choos with minimal effort.

valentine monster2 pdf 2

valentine monster pdf 2

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