Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Big Foot?

So I have a 2 1/2 year old son whose head is roughly the size of the average teenage boy. He is completely off the charts, and sometimes I think he looks like a lollipop. This feature he gets from his father. Which, between husband's big eyes, lips, and head size, and my big nose and ears, it's quite amazing our children are so cute.

My 4 month old flirt has large feet. Really large. So large that she wears 12-18 month size socks, and even then they're getting a little on the tight size.

Grandma's been knitting her shoes since forever. She knit up a few pairs that I took to the hospital, and one was too small. And sadly, new "shoes" last us an average of 2 weeks, so all the neighbors and friends we see on a regular basis think I have a weird obsession with baby shoes, since it seems she never wears the same pair twice.

Which, isn't really true, but her feet grow at an alarming rate. Currently, we don't own a pair of cute handmade shoes that fit and that depresses me a little {grandma, come in, grandma}

Now this is pretty impressive. These are shoes that she has worn. Sometimes booties get made and they don't fit at all, and grandma ends up with a box of shoes that need homes. We love little booties, because they're adorable, all these stay on really well, and when you've got a girl with a bunch of dresses, the outfit doesn't look complete without some form of footwear.

SO. Our pattern stash of booties is getting extensive. A large part comes from pipers quilts, who has garlands of baby shoes covering a window, and they're all cute. And is a good place, here and here. Ravelry is fun. And also we found these.
Seriously though, handmade stuff is fun. These slippers I made for husband for Christmas, and when he's working, monster keeps them warm. Also, he loves hats, and will not take this one off hardly ever. He already outgrew winter hat number one this year, and now his beloved bear wears it for him. Obviously, taking pictures was something that did not appeal to him today.

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