Friday, March 19, 2010

Sailing, Sailing

Just in time for warm weather, or.... what should be warm weather.

Easy beginner applique/stitchery quilt. We had so much fun making this one.

Friday, March 5, 2010

And So It Begins...

Once upon a time, my mother and I decided to start a little business, and mostly it just provides excuses for us to hang out, because we're that cool. And then it was decided we needed a blog. And then (somehow...) I got put 'in charge' of it. Which is a little bit ridiculous. Maybe more ridiculous, that I am 'meags' from 'meags & me' and that just sounds immensely conceited coming from me. It wasn't my idea, though, but yeah, I went along with it. So I wanted to inform, and make public record, that there is, in fact, a "me" and for the sake of all other blog posts, will probably be referred to as 'mother' though, I'm pretty normal and just call her mom to her face. But she has a name, and it's Kristi.

And Kristi is the one with the talent. (really I thought kristi & me would be great to use, but she likes my name. being my mother and all) Usually one of us will come up with some idea we think is fantastic, and if the other is not veto-ing the idea, she'll be the one to draw out a 'road-map' of sorts, and from there I'll draw the pictures, and she'll create a masterpiece, then we fight over who gets to keep it. And this works out quite nicely.

And for fun, here's a picture we took the day we took cover pictures of our first quilt. Which, didn't turn out, by the way, since my camera was lame.

And the boy, is my son, who also on this day, dumped an entire bottle of baby shampoo all over his carpet. Do you know how long that takes to come out? For-ev-ver. We'll just call him monster, since it fits.